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Packard Place has decided to pivot our Public Houses into an Unlearning Discussion Event series. To simply put it, there is not enough proximity between people who aren’t alike, and because of that there is a lack of empathy and knowledge amongst each other.

With hosting these conversations, we hope to bridge the gap between those who do not look like, work in the same industry, come from the same socio-economic background, etc., and to bring awareness to the different experiences people endure in hopes of bringing the community together. We believe power and potential are derived through the collective strength of the community.

Please join us every 3rd Wednesday from 5:00-6:00pm for Packard Place Public House - Unlearning Series.

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Jasmine Boyce

Featured Guest Speaker


Lo Myrick

This week, we are pleased to welcome Lo Myrick!

Join us in this conversation to become aware of your thought patterns, biases, and how fear can influence you. Learn how you can take back control! Lo Myrick is a high-energy creative & entrepreneur who focuses on Business Consulting and Mindset Coaching, and also dabbles in Film and TV Producing. Lo is known for her joy and enthusiasm for life, and her commitment to growth and self-improvement inspires others to do the same. Whether she is working with a client 1:1 or speaking to a crowd of thousands, her ability to connect, truly listen, and attune to the energy and needs of her audience is graceful and rare. She truly loves connecting with people.Lo firmly believes that in order to improve society, we need to start by healing ourselves and practicing more compassion. She also believes Health and Wellness is a daily practice and includes physical, mental, and emotional health. When she’s not working with clients, Lo enjoys playing beach volleyball, eating delicious food, traveling, and trying new things. Lo is based in Charlotte, with clients around the globe. You can connect with Lo on social media @lomyrick and on her website lomyrick.com - where you’ll find her courses, resources, and more.

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