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Charlotte's New Virtual Community

Charlotte Entrepreneurial Community Leaders,

I would like to propose something for us all to think about. These are crazy times. Everyone is figuring out what to do. Everyone is nervous or downright scared. About health, the economy, their business, their family, etc.

One of the best leadership articles I ever read was back in 2008 when the financial crisis had really hit and folks were grappling with the reality of it and what it meant for them. It was a scary economic time. The article talked about the fact that great leaders, even while they are facing the reality of how the crisis is going to affect them personally, don’t focus on themselves. They focus outward on their team, the community, and others. They ask themselves, how can they be empathic to what their employees are feeling and how they can address that openly and honestly.

The marketing firm we were running in 2008 had Wachovia as our largest single client with over $2m in revenue just from Wachovia. That represented over 25% of our revenue and most of the team touched that client. Wachovia was going under and all of our clients were cutting all their marketing work. There was no light at the end of any tunnel. We had direct, frank, calm discussions with the team and talked about actions we could take and what all the possible outcomes might be. Then, we talked about how could we focus not on ourselves, but on our clients and their issues which is what we could control. We were not helpless.

I submit to you that if you are reading this, you are part of a group of leaders who can help our community and our entrepreneurial community grapple with this current crisis.

Let’s not cancel in-person events, let’s move them on-line. Our community is still going to need community. Our Founders are going to need information and thought leadership on how to deal with this crisis in their own companies and with their own employees.

How will they balance focusing on their business when all of their revenue projections could be up in the air AND their family and extended family need their focus too?

How could an economic recession impact them and their business? What would an economic recovery look like and when would it come?

How do they themselves show calm and thoughtful leadership? Where will they get guidance and resources from?

Bottom line. I think it is time for our community to come together, just virtually, and not in person.

To that end, Packard Place has purchased a Zoom meeting account that can host events for up to 500 people in virtual meetings. It will be available to anyone and any group in the entrepreneurial community that wants to move their in-person events to virtual events to ‘keep calm and carry on’.

We have also changed all events at Packard Place to virtual events and this months' “Packard Place Public House” on Wednesday, March 18th will go on, virtually. Additionally, we do recommend the drinking component of Public House still happen in your own home while watching. It's a community event still so technically, you won't be drinking alone.

At the PPPH on the 18th, we will be talking with leaders in our entrepreneurial community about the exact topics we discussed above. Here is the Zoom link to sign up

Also, please e-mail Jasmine Boyce at if you would like to use the Entrepreneurial Zoom Meeting Account we have set up for our community's use.

Dan Roselli

Founder, Packard Place

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