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Beating Entrepreneurial Burnout

Updated: Jan 28

Entrepreneurship seems very glamorous to an outsider. You set your own schedule, you make your own rules, and you become your own boss. What most outsiders don’t realize is entrepreneurs are among the top professionals to experience a burn out in their career. If you want to avoid or mitigate burn outs, try out these helpful strategies:

Prioritize your tasks.

Remember you are only human. You were not meant to be able to do 1000 things at once. Make a daily list of the things you must get done and list them in order from most important to least important. Tackle each task before beginning a new one.

Set boundaries.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not just a professional one. Understand that your professional life is likely to interfere with your personal life, but to what extent is solely up to you. Set boundaries such as not taking business calls after 8PM or limiting your work on weekends to only a couple hours each morning. Whatever boundaries you end up making, firmly stick to them and make them known.

Count sheep and catch zzz’s.

It can be extremely easy for you to lose track of time and stay up much later than you need to, but your body NEEDS sleep. Your body needs time to repair and restore itself from the long day, and the only time it does this is when you are sleeping. Lack of sleep can result in medical conditions that can become serious overtime. How are you supposed to run a successful business if your body does not physically allow it?

Network with other entrepreneurs.

Nobody understands what you are going through better than the people in similar situations. Creating a network of other entrepreneurs can equate to friendships and a support system. They may have solutions to your problems, and vice versa.

Take real time off.

Often times, entrepreneurs feel guilty or anxious about taking time off. But it is important to find a balance between your work life and your personal life. Go on a vacation with your family, enjoy a night out with your friends, or have a relaxing day by yourself, but don’t be tempted to work while you are taking time off. If you are easily tempted by your devices, power them off and put them away. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

These strategies could potentially save you a burnout or at least lessen the severity. To read more different strategies to employ, click here.

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