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Black Lives Matter, Now and Forevermore.

Updated: Jun 30

We stand in solidarity with and for the Black Lives Matter movement. We are deeply disturbed by the series of innocent lives lost due to racial injustice, blatant misuse of power, and other related inequalities (in areas such as healthcare, housing, education, employment, and voting rights). We are sad that such egregious acts are still taking place in 2020 throughout the United States and in our Queen City. We will not stand on the sidelines. We will not ignore what is happening.

Our community's safety is always our priority. We continue to build and evolve a diverse and inclusive community, including our staff, tenants, and suppliers. Our Community Committee and our community at large are committed to having the crucial conversations necessary to develop a deeper understanding of the issues that empower us to be more inclusive. Our position has always been to welcome everyone, so long as respect is at the forefront.

While we are proud of our past and current accomplishments of inclusive hiring, programming, and events, we realize there is still a significant amount of work to be done. We will further educate ourselves and adjust where we can. We encourage others to stop discriminating based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and other social biases. We stand firm in our commitment to lead by example, absorb all the knowledge we can, and empower the community to take real, actionable steps to create new, better, safer opportunities.

How can you get involved? Every great idea is welcomed. Join our crucial conversations, let us know what you or your organization is doing, share your experiences with us, and be sure to vote during the election. Your voice matters. Your life matters.

Here are some resources to get involved:

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