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Humble Beginnings to Success Stories

We have all heard of the famous founders who started their businesses out of garages, basements, and dorm rooms. But what about the founders who started out of a co-working space? Here are two of the many success stories Packard Place had the pleasure of being part of!

Sunlight Financial- Matt Potere is the CEO of Sunlight Financial. Matt joined Sunlight Financial in the early stages of the business when there were only 4 other employees, and at this time he was the only person working from Charlotte, NC. When his team was trying to open an office in Charlotte, they immediately turned to Dan and Packard Place. Their once ‘large office’ grew to feel smaller and smaller the more the business grew. Four years later, their five person team grew to over a hundred employees.

Sunlight Financial is headquartered in New York, NY with the majority of the teammates working out of Charlotte, NC. They have processed over $250,000 automated credit requests, funded over $1.5 billion in loans, and has over $2 billion in capital commitments. Congratulations Sunlight Financial on the substantial growth!

Deal Cloud- Rob Cummings, co-founder of DealCloud, met Dan Roselli at Packard Place’s grand opening in 2011 and was the second business to join the Packard Place community. Rob and three others moved into a small office- which is now our Innovation conference room- when Packard was a ghost town. Eventually they moved into a bigger office space on the second floor and spent about 4 ½ years there.

Now, DealCloud is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ and has 9 global office locations. DealCloud has over 700 clients worldwide, 25,000 users, and has built over 60,000 custom dashboards. We couldn’t be prouder of DealCloud and all they have accomplished since their beginnings at Packard Place!

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