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Tis the Season to be Grateful

It is that time of year where we have an excuse to overeat delicious food and spend too much money on Black Friday deals. It is also the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you are grateful for. As an entrepreneur, here are just a few things to be grateful for this year!

  • Creating something from nothing; your idea became a business

  • Working for something you are truly passionate about

  • Your support team of friends and family

  • New opportunities for your business

  • Freedom to work when and where you choose

  • Failures you grew from

At Packard Place, we wanted to figure out what else people are most grateful for this year!

“I’m thankful for long weeks, holidays with friends and family, and the cooler weather.” -Evan G., Property Manager at Packard Place

"I'm thankful for my friends and family, for my home, and for an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on startups across the globe.” -Velvet N., Program Manager at QC Fintech

“I am grateful for my new baby on the way and my awesome family!” -Niger Hall, Founder of The Marketing Muslimah, LLC

“I have a lot to be thankful for. Amazing family & friends, coworkers who challenge me, and having Not Just Coffee and their Fall Spice Lattes in our building.” -Stephanie A., Community Manager at Packard Place

“I'm thankful for my family, my co-workers and my friends who all bring joy, frustration, happiness, and craziness to my life. I couldn't imagine my life without them!” -Ramy S., Co-founder and CEO of HoneyFi

“I am grateful to be close to my family in Charlotte.” -Clay N., Investment Associate at CFV

“I am grateful for all of the amazing people who have supported me throughout this year, and my boyfriend and my two crazy pups at home who fill my life with endless love and laughter!”

-Jasmine B., Digital Marketing Intern for Packard Place'

“I think we need to spend more time celebrating all of our wins. Too often, people take their lives and current situations for granted and it is extremely important that we spend more of our time being grateful for what we already have.” – Tya B., Owner of Exceptional Business Solutions, LLC

What are you grateful for this year?

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